1. ciga-r:

    I’m so bloody tried of seeing the same people and doing the same thing every god damn day

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  2. gameandwatch:

    what if sheep didn’t have legs and they just looked like a mass of bleating clouds rolling down hills all around the valley

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  3. llamabutts:

    if i was rich i would hire someone to shave my legs for me

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  4. ohshititsegg:

    marijuana does awful things to people like forcing them to talk about how much they smoke it on every single fucking social network every single fucking day

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  5. seaworlcl:

    santa saw you unfollow me

    You’re on tumblr’s naughty list now

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  6. Oh hey the Fresh Prince himself

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  7. fake-mermaid:


    i took a picture of myself today in that eiffel tower photobooth effect thingy and i was pushing the eiffel tower bc i thought it was the leaning tower of pisa i am so stupid

    so this is the picture


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  8. mr-booty:



    i need this

    my family needs this, because of me.

    I would be so desperate for ice cream I would just either cut a hole in the bottom or stab its side until I could eat it from there.

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  9. foreveralone-lyguy:

    selling cookies at comicon

    Oh hey grandma

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